A Tribute to Mike Whitfield and Bodyweight Finishers: Mobile Exercise

Yoga Helps Many ThingsAlthough we all love to travel, and it would be great if many people paid us to travel, some of us would miss creature comforts. I want the “Joe Klunder Travel Challenge” to be fun and enjoyable.

From home, I certainly miss mega-gyms that people can join for $30-$40 USD a month. I am sorry, but you just cannot find widespread deals like that in most other countries.

Besides walking, which does burn more calories, many people are concerned with maintaining their level of fitness. Let me give you some ideas of how.

At least to me, fitness is three distinct yet related components: strength, cardiovascular capacity, and flexibility. A person needs all three.

Here are some programs that have helped me in the past at certain times: Bodyweight Finishers by Mike Whitfield, Yoga, and swimming.

1. Bodyweight Finishers by Mike Whitfield

This man is a fitness guru by using many bodyweight areas with little or no equipment. I applaud him because he does what great engineers do: lots of research and interconnected work at the top so that laypeople with limited time, research acumen, etc. can keep things simple and merely “do” instead of think so much.

His program uses mostly burpees, lunges, jumping jacks, wind sprints, shuttle runs, etc. so that anyone can get more toned.

If we look at programs like Marine Boot Camp, prison, etc. we can see that some people can get very strong and tone, even on simple running, pushups, sit ups, jumping jacks, etc.

I do NOT have any business, only personal, relationship with Mike Whitfield, my lack of affiliate marketing should prove that. Take a look at his programs to see if they are for you:


2. Yoga

My best friend is a doctor. She is also a yoga instructor on the weekends.

I think Yoga is great to create whole body flexibility, reduce stress especially when coupled with deep breathing techniques. As we can see in our picture, people who do yoga can build lots of dense muscle mass. They just will not be as massive as someone who only lifts heavy weights.

3. Swimming

Swimming is great for people who want a whole body workout. It is great because using one muscle balances against the other. It’s a great way to fix muscle imbalances.

Brunei: Tropical Paradise and Oil Kingdom

Two years ago, I went to Brunei Darussalam on a whim as I was traveling back from Indonesia.

It was a great tropical island. Happy to post about it on the Joe Klunder Travel Challenge.

People were very friendly. They offered me rides everywhere, spent time out of their day to hang out with me, and were genuinely fun people to be around.

The food was great. It was very similar to Malaysian, as was the language.

The country was much cleaner than Saudi Arabia or other Middle Eastern Gulf Countries.

The hotel was even run by the government at a subsidized low price.

I would recommend English teachers and petroleum engineers take at least a 3-6 month tour of duty to come here. A good deal of money can be saved. More importantly, it is great to see Islam, a new country, and a good community in a positive light.

Joe Klunder Waffle Eater
Joe Klunder Can Analyze Any Graph, and Enjoy Good Waffles


Tawma Travel Best in Tunisia

Joe Klunder's Travel
Joe Klunder’s Favorite Travel Agency
I encourage everyone to speak to the sisters Sahar and Souhej Tawma.


They have a great travel agency on the beautiful island of Djerba. Each of the three sisters is also generous, beautiful people, inside and out.


For as little as $50 USD a day, you can get a five-star vacation on Djerba or any part of Tunisia.

我鼓励大家和妹妹Sahar和Souhej Tawma说话。

他们在美丽的杰尔巴岛有一个伟大的旅行社。 三姐妹也是慷慨,美丽的人,内外。


每天只需$ 50美元,您可以在杰尔巴或突尼斯的任何地方获得五星级的假期。

Lots of Fun in Amsterdam

Joe Klunder TechnoAmsterdam is certainly different than back home in Newport Beach.

They are very liberal when it comes to legalizing many things that are illegal in many parts of the world.

To me, I was most impressed by their social structure. There seems to be a lot of egalitarianism. Taxes may be high, but social services are great. I also enjoy that their culture seems very open about talking about things, based on merit rather than relationships, and allows for an open discussion of many topics.

I would venture to say that I could live there, and it would help me see life from another angle.

I embarked on the Joe Klunder Education Challenge to make the world a better place. I hope that my traveling can open my mind to give more reference points for my students so they can understand better.

Paris: Land of Romanticism

When it comes to major sites to see, nothing beats the city of Paris.

It definitely requires some savings, probably at least 100 Euros a day for any sort of vacation, and up to 200 Euros a day for a fun, fulfilling one. If someone has that money saved, it definitely is worth it.

The best sites are the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, and Versailles.

I was thinking of how to create a better version “Joe Klunder” from this experience. At the least, it tells me that Americans are way too cultural centric. We do not give enough credit to other countries, especially France, for helping to form and support the US.

It also teaches me that there is often a need to embrace different ways of thinking, instead of forcing the “one right answer” that comes into our mind immediately.

I venture to say that travel is very educational. It can teach things that books and even regular life experience cannot.

I love the scene in Forrest Gump when the main character speaks to his love, Jenny. He speaks about all the places he has been to, and how he holds his loved ones in his heart. Some of those feelings occurred there. I always hope the people and family I love can know that I still hold them dearly, especially my grandparents who sacrificed a lot so I could have it easier.

Joe Klunder in Paris
Joe Klunder Travels in Paris

Los Angeles: The City of Angels

Aside from being well known for being the 14th largest City in the world and 2nd largest city in the United States, by population, Los Angeles is most famous for Hollywood–the motion picture capital of the world. LA is not only well known for producing videos, but audiences around the globe recognize the area for also being the setting for many movies and television shoes.

Even though it’s a short 50 minute drive from my home in Orange County, California, many people from other Southern California areas do not share the same intrigue as those from else where. Many other area in SoCal provide the same appeal, but with less traffic and pollution. So, if you are visiting the areas, I recommend checking out other areas in the southland after visiting several points of interest in Los Angeles such as:

  1. Hike the Hollywood sign
  2. View the cosmos from the Griffith Observatory
  3. Take a trip to prehistoric times at the La Brea Tar Pits
  4. Stroll the boardwalk at Venice Beach
  5. Walk on the Santa Monica Pier
  6. Grab lunch at LA Live

Aside from sightseeing, Los Angeles is a major center from business and home to many corporation to small businesses like the Law Offices of Elliott H. Stone. If you’re in need of a real estate or business law attorney in LA, don’t hesitate to contact him.

Philadelphia: The City of Brotherly Love

I went to Philadelphia for the Swarthmore Independent Educational Consulting Association (IECA) training.

I will be happy to show pictures of the Rocky Statue (which also relates to one of my favorite movies) and talk about famous Philadelphia Cheese steaks; but, namely, I will mention about what I went there for: training about my educational consulting practice.  ,

In this training, based in beautiful Swarthmore College, I learned some crucial lessons about advising students to higher educational institutions.  The key concept is “fit”.  Many of us are too obsessed about getting in, beating admission standards, etc. for an education program.  Prestige does matter for many people, and for good reason.  However, the real thing is finding the right fit for good people.

I plan to integrate this information into my websites, joeklunder.com, joeklunder.net, joeklunder.org, and basicedhelp.org.  I hope to make sure that everyone can be enabled to get general education from a young age, and eventually gravitate towards communities and areas that will prepare them for what they feel best.

For anyone interested in educational consulting, I can say that it is a great time for the industry.  Global markets such as China, and to a lesser extent South Korea, India, South East Asia and the Middle East, are very vibrant about sending people overseas.  Indeed, if one of every five people is from China, as is India, as would be merging the populations of MENA and South East Asia together, it would make sense that literally half the world’s youth could be students in the US.

Interestingly enough, I met the former Dean of Admissions for my alma mater, Brown University.  It is very interesting to see people who have had other parts in the educational field, or even other careers, come to this path.  Hopefully, we can build a vibrant community of people who can support each other as times come to pass.

Philadelphia-3 Joe Klunder raising his arms in front of the Rocky Balboa statue Joe Klunder eating Phill Cheesesteaks


Season’s Greetings from Beijing

Happy Holidays.  I am here in Beijing, working, learning, eating new foods, exploring, and working on my philanthropy.  My philanthropy really is capturing my attention.

As I have posted on my fellow sites, I have put up the Joe Klunder Education Challenge as a way for seasoned teachers to recycle their material and make sure that everyone in the world has access to great material.

In total, my site will have three main focus areas:

  1. Communicative English (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking)
  2. Basic Academic Skills: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies
  3. Technical Skills (Specifically In-Demand Ones that can Increase Income Quickly)

Of course, as a trained college admissions counselor, I can also offer free mentorship.  Feel free to email at BasicEdHelp@Outlook.Org if needed.

Joe Klunder, Near Forbidden City
Joe Klunder, Near Forbidden City

A Look at Prambanan

Anyone who has gone to Prambanan can see the intricate beauty of this ninth century temple.  More than an ordinary statue, this temple has hundreds of miniature statues, shrines, and authentic carvings.  It is truly a site to behold that this monument has lasted so vibrantly, especially in such a heavily Muslim country as it is today.